Beautiful Disaster


Multiple letters strung together
Organized just right
To make the perfect words
To say, speak, and write

These words hold so much power
They can bring the strongest man to tears
Or prepare the weakest man for battle
Just simple words that we see or hear

They carry so much emotion
They can show hate
They can show love
But sometimes those words come a little too late

You say some things out of anger
That you wish you could take back
I'm sorry came too late
They've already packed their sack

You really loved him
He never knew
And so he left
Still in love with you

These words can fight cruel injustices
Stop indifference, stop the fighting
Don't hesitate a minute longer
Stop the wronging, start the righting

If we could only start using the words for good
Instead of hurting others
We need to stop knocking down one another
And build up our brother

“Sticks and stones can break our bones
But words will break our souls”
But words can also make us stronger
And help us to reach our goals

So watch your words
And use them well
Encouraging one another
Picking up those who fell

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