Beautiful Disaster

I Remember

I remember playing house all the time
I was always the mother
My friends would be my daughters
And the baby was played by my brother

I remember hot summer days
When we would hear the music of the ice cream truck
We would go grab all of our change
And get a rocket popsicle, for only a buck

I remember recess
Taking as many honey suckles as we could hold
Jump rope, tag, four square
Being allowed on the zip line once we were eight years old

I remember learning to read and write
Add subtract multiply and divide
Learning our states and capitals
And what causes a tide

I remember when everyone always got along
Everyone was everyone's friend
No matter of gender, race, or religion
Promises to be friends til the end

I remember the innocence
And being worry free
Because mommy and daddy would always be there
And could cover any fees

I remember not having to care about how I dressed
And being able to eat anything and not gain weight
And relationships weren't based on any status
And it wasn't important to have a date

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