childhood abuse (my story using rhyme) 
  Natalie Rawlings

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 What you want! (about a boy)

I know a boy, i know him well.
There's something not right but he just wont tell.
It's true he has a heart of Gold,
But mine i find is sad and cold.
At night i cry as i lay in my bed,
Empty tears flow from my head.
Sadness always springs to mind,
As i wonder why life's so unkind.
I believe what you say deep within my heart,
But my head can't accept the cheating part.
To know you love me makes me smile,
Not all night but it works for a while.
There's hurt in my life from other men,
I don't want to put myself through it again.
My promises are true and my feelings are deep,
I need to know the truth maybe then i can sleep.
People can be evil and terribly mean,
I've been through it before and i don't like what I've seen.
Tears falling from innocent eye's,
From lovers that hurt them with horrible Lie's.
I may not be gorgeous i may not be thin,
But my heart is true and that's where i win.
If there's something else you want i suggest you look else where,
I need some one for happiness and some one who will care.
You say you didn't do it i am trusting with my heart,
I hope you would never hurt me that way how ever long we part.
So this is how i feel the rest is up to you,
We can work through this together or find somebody new.

Copyright 2008 Natalie Rawlings

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