Beautiful Disaster

As much as...

A wild flower can cast the same charm
As a mystic rose
Your own song can sound as sweet
As Mozart's Fifth
A single smile can say as much
As a thousand words
Dancing in the rain is just as graceful
As preforming center stage
A word of encouragement from a friend can be as inspirational
As Mother Theresa
Gazing up at the stars can produce the same awe
As a magnificent firework show
A small game you invented can bring as much entertainment
As an amusement park
A homemade dress can be just as stunning
As a glamourous evening gown
The love of a puppy can keep you as warm
As being in anothers arms
Those small simple things can consume
Just as big elaborate things
So take time to notice those small things
Because big things don't happen that often
And just imagine how much happier you will be
To find joy in each moment
In each breath that you breath
Let each day hold a new and exciting adventure
Find joy in the simple things.

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