Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Oh yeah, like you're the first coke head I've ever loved

Hey you! Come here,
With those pretty blue eyes
Come here,
Come sit beside me,
But not too close.
It's not like that...
Come sit here,
And indulge my urge to chat.
We can talk about
Anything (everything AND nothing, BONUS!)
But we cannot talk about
The "us" that never was.
Let's dissect the "us" we suddenly
Find ourselves being (addicts to self destruction).
Let's play doctor
I'll be the shrink
Tell me everything!
(except that you never loved me).

Make up conquests
Journey's, thought processes,
Ideas, jokes, emotional attachments,
Girlfriends, heartaches,
Struggles, the fear of letting go,
Reasons you cry, lust.
But first,
You must make up with me.
I've stood in line
Long enough for an apology.
After all,
You stole my heart and sold it for coke.

April 12th 2007

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Oh yeah, like you`re the first coke head I`ve ever loved

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