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Moments To Cherish

As I sit here waiting for you love
My body shudders with a sigh
Thinking of the minutes that pass
How quickly life seems to fly by

A heavy heart I carry this day
As I cling to tenderness I've known
Your gentle voice, your sweet embrace
That comfort when I feel alone

Drift away, daydream once more
A simple plea to my aching soul
Into the arms, the haven, the shelter
Of the man that makes me whole.....

As I sit here waiting for you, love
I hear your laughter in clouds up high
Your touch, so soft, like a tender rain
Falls around me from the very sky

And I feel my heavy heart retreat
Knowing that you are always near
In everything that touches my life
Everything I see, every sound I hear

I understand now that each moment in life...
Is a moment to cherish


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Moments To Cherish