Karma Of Sarma 

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 Prayer - For a difference

Everything is so different.
 I would have never thought that today
 would hold all that has happened.
 In the process of change,
 it is very important to be settled within.
 I meditate upon the status of The Lord and I am comforted.
 My Father has prepared a place for me
and brought me out of the jungle deep with a mighty hand.  

I never would have thought that
I would spend so much time in a land
of foreign inhabitants who
are afraid of love and life.  

Never have I been exposed to a
culture that thrives off negativity.
Praise God, my time here is over.  
I have come into my promise land and as I stand,
I ask you Father, in the name of Jesus,
that you will lead me in the way that I should go;
That you will forgive me of my transgressions
and your love will project through me as
I am in a new land full of giants, grapes, butter and honey;

You will provide for all my needs and
never let me forget my journey from the wilderness;

Never let me turn back;

Never let me be ashamed.

Never let me be afraid.

Never let me disobey your voice.

Let your love, understanding, grace and mercy surround me,
keep me from that which will distract me from your purpose.
 Let your joy, peace, and provision overflow with in me
and manifest your glory and greatness unto me,
your humble servant, for your Glory's' sake.


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