Beautiful Disaster

Under the Sea

Below the foamy sea of green
There lies a world left unseen
Whether buried deep beneath the sand
Staying safe from a searching hand
Or Swimming free
In the big blue sea
Each creature under the sea
Was created so perfectly
Each pattern so intricately made
Each delicate design so fantastically laid
Each creature with a purpose and a plan
Each creature blessed with beauty throughout the span
A starfish is beautiful, with five legs stretching out
But you can't say a sand dollar isn't, because he is without
Each created for a different plan
Each created differently, like man
He made each one of us to be
Perfect in size, shape, color like under the sea
He put us on earth with a special plan in mind
And then provided the tools to help us in the find.
God created creatures under the sea
And God created you and me

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