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Dear Love

Dear Love,
What is your name? Will I ever come to know you? I've had many feelings for many different people, but it's always been the same.  Maybe one day I'll know you. Maybe one day I'll meet someone who's true.

Yours Truly,
Searching for love

Dear Love,
What is your name? I think I might have met you. I'm not sure yet. I think of you a lot. But that might just be infatuation. I dream of you a lot, wanting to be with you. That might just be lust. So I'm gonna sit back and wait and see if it's really you.

Still searching for love

Dear Love,
What is your name? If thinkin of you with every breathe I make is love then I met you.  If not letting a day go by without being able to talk to you is love, then I met you.  If knowing you are what I need in my life , then yeah I've been with you and I'm with you right now. So I'm gonna say, hello love, nice to meet you.

Forever your,
Never letting go

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Dear Love

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