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A Vision Upon The Land  

The poverty of the poor is dangerously deep
while the lust of riches has put us to sleep
 with soft pillows and comfortable beds
   and visions of utopia in our heads
But learned kings shouldn't have such rest
when desperate voices plead in their chest
   Pleading and begging when they scream,
"The rich are so fat!!....My children are so lean!!"
  Because men in suits can't make a decision,
letting hope hunt for bread like a desperate pigeon
Why can't they see the forest for the trees?
Why can't they find water in the seven seas?
  A million voices should make such a wave
 but the birth of silence has kill the brave
        with steel skies and iron walls,
   making them eat dirt before they fall
  Another thousand just littered the land
 whose numbers put to shame the grains of sand
 Must the weak and weary continue die
while the ruthless and hard continue to sigh?
   I'm trying to rest
   but I can't reap
  This pillow is so soft
    but I can't sleep

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James

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A Vision Upon The Land