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Tainted ll (Death of Her Beauty)

Taint I the beauty of this luscious flower?
Ah how I loved sniffing her sweet power
In the night when her scent was sweet
          O but now life's so bitter,
       Terribly slipped my feet
But thy beauty absolutely glittered!
     Glittered like the stars
   sprinkled in a thousand places
Lighting the eyes of ten thousand faces
But now must I look to thee O skies?!
     O how the breeze of a gentle wind
              makes sweet hope rise
        Then again...down it dies
Fade slowly O Light...Rush not to thy fate
           Though time has sealed thy choice
                     Still I shall wait
Wait to see that sparkle in her eyes
     One last time before she dies
   But had she died because of my sins?
Great horses from hell drag my heart within
Though better her mortal body passed on be free
Her fragrance's beauty will always be apart of me
     O beautiful flower taint I thee?

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James

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Tainted ll (Death of Her Beauty)