Thoughts of a Mother

One Day

Did you know that all day all I do is think of you
I wonder, What would life be like without you here with me
I can't imagine a day going by without you in my life
I want you and need you here with me
You are my heart, my soul, together we are as one
Days go by and I wonder does he feel the same for me
And then when I least expect it you do something to show me
You say something or appear where you wouldn't ordinarily be just to see me
I am so happy to have you in my life
I am so happy to know that you are mine
As I am yours and will be as long as you want me to be
We are together united as one
I am in no rush but one day you will tell me back
I love you from now until the end of time
But for now I sit and wait, being in your presence is enough for me

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One Day

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