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 Mystery Adventure "R" 2007

I just went on a mystery tour
It was a complete thrill for sure
Not knowing your destination
Fills you with pure anticipation

First we went to Girl and Boys Town
Help for troubled kids, nationally known
They live in a house with other residents
In years past, a choir sang for presidents

Then we stopped at the Bohemian Café
What further words can I choose to say?
Except that it was a very delicious lunch
After an earlier roll, we ate way too much

We were privileged to see our paper in action
A robot, moving ads, was an added attraction
Presses print 75,000 whole papers an hour
All with such precision, detail, and power

Next the Lauritzen Gardens and a tram ride
Gave a chance to observe as close as inside
The flowers and their beauty that did not lack
They even had a miniature train on a track

Then we stopped at the Mormon Trails Center
The area was a refuge after a long, hard winter
For pioneers in 1846, relied on their beliefs
Many people died, while the rest found relief

The tour highlight was The Renaissance House
Built in the mid-1800's for a daughter and spouse
The meal was absolutely wonderful, to say the least
Along with a dinner show, that added to our feast

The time came when our day's journey was through
But we have special memories we will hold on to
For me, it was a reminder of the ways we are blessed
We should not strive to have more, but settle for less

Written by Carol Salter on 10/11/07

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