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He Sees...He Hears in the Storm

The brutal wind is becoming as dangerous
           as the violent skies,
   Who stirred the passion in her eyes?
O crude Fate, wanderer of the sea
     Looking to the skies,
 O Lord should this thing be?!
I'll throw away my gold...the last!
      Please just don't destroy me
            for my past
O Lord I love the skies!
   I'll accept the lows
     and cherish the highs
I repent here at sea
   O Lord save me!
The murky water is getting thick
Who sealed my feet with these bricks?!
The water is coming up to my side
I have nowhere to go...nowhere to hide
   If a whale for me prepare,
Let him swallow me whole and pray I bear-
But just before the sea overcame my will
 I heard a voice say, "Peace, be still!"

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James

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He Sees...He Hears in the Storm