Maria Guzvic

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I had a dream that I was a luscious cream cake
Sat in the centre of a glorious shop window display
People would gather and marvel at me
And I wanted to be reclining there all day

Lovingly placed on a platter with roses around
After being decorated freshly that very morn
All the boring teacakes I would shunt to the side
And leave them shuddering with scorn

I didn't want anyone to come and point me out
Because they fancied me with a cup of hot tea
I wanted to be smiled at and adulated for hours
So this was the perfect position to be

Greedy children would come and press their nose on the glass
And stare and plead for mummy to take me home
Ladies stood salivating and simply rooted to the spot
Then imagining the calories skulked away alone

The cherry cake the Battenberg and the doughnuts
Agonisingly bored with customers constant neglect
Tried to push in on my haughty demeanour
Crying out for the opportunity to be select

Incorrigible with my host of devout supporters
I posed and primped and strutted my stuff
Then a man came in and winked at me
By which time I had really had enough

He chivalrously escorted me to his home
And very excited did I then become
He placed me beside a china cup and saucer
And handed me over to his dear old mum!

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