Maria Guzvic

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She leadeth him a mirry dance
O'er heath and vale and glen
Oh for she were a mirry girl
And he were ‘er last chance

Coquettish she did smile at ‘im
He didn't have time ta think
He poised his ponder there on ‘er
A choice ta flee were slim

Oh mirry girl who serveth ale
In snug inn across yon way
Fer took a shine to handsome sir
Insignificance the other lasses did pale

She sat upon ‘is knee
And flirted wi ‘im in uncultivated manner
Rolling ‘er gleaming eyes at ‘im
For all the room did see

In boldness she grabbed hold of his hand
‘er other inside his breeches pocket
A few guineas and a leather purse
‘er cunning trick went as planned

For this mirry lass whose wanton ways
Scalded the silly men who fell for her plunder
That violet gaze she seduced ‘em with, and
Heaving bosom she did generous display

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