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into your eyes.

I had looked into your eyes once
And I swear I heard them say,
"I love you." Maybe it wasn't to me-
We can wish though, right?
I looked deeper within those windows
as the thoughts inside of them
pulled back the curtains which kept them
hidden to the world,
I saw an emptiness.
I looked farther, although afraid that again
would exist- but I grabbed onto your past-
A girl in love with such a man once, sparked
a feeling of envy in my own heart.
I looked into your eyes so hard that I had now
smelled the salt of crystal tears, that wet the face
of a girl so perfect, that even God became
jealous of himself
each and every time he looked upon her.
Those eyes, I had to try my very hardest to
keep this perfect, golden entity from knowing what
I had acquired.
I saw them though, once, the thoughts that labored
day and night to hold those curtains of her past shut.
if you looked hard, just staring for moments, seconds,
even if that, those laborers of eternity may spill the story
they have tried
so hard,
so very hard,
to keep hidden.

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