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 Minor Rants and Life Liners
(a.k.a. Schizophrenic commentary)

“Men scream, and people listen
God whispers, and we are deaf.” – Mathew Current

“Hey, you should make t-shirts.” – Manea

Yes the world sucks
But if you strapped a pair on
And did something about it
Rather than complain
The world might
Have a chance
To change it.

“Why can't we see our own influence in the response of the world, to the subtly of our moods, and pessimistic perceptions?” –Manea

Love veiled as hate
Bellowed from the center quad
And crowds gather
To gawk,
“In the center ring,
wearing a yellow button down,
we have at 2000 pages,
the bible thumper!”
and from the other side
“Wearing the black t-shirt
with Jesus and the words “cock blocker”
We have the belligerent Buddhist”

“No I'm not making this sh!# up.”—Manea (commentary on the above)

This is war.
And the stakes couldn't be any higher.
I have no desire
To hold the glass ceiling up
Any more.
I'm dropping the ball
Because I don't want
To play by the rules.
Power plays and politics
Have been the province of men,
And women loose when
They try to be what they aren't.
This is war.
I intend to win,
Not like you man,
But as a woman,
By being vulnerable
And indestructible,
A Lover and a fighter.
Our province is in our ability
To multi-task,
Being opposites
Wearing many hats
Doning archetypal masks
We are the handmaidens of the gods.
We are both their sacrifices
And their warriors.
All enemies
Will be destroyed,
In making them allies.
This is our duality
And our way
To victory.

“Who the h@!! says that if you are at peace, you won't act for justice?” – Manea

A rare jewel washed up upon the shore
Of my existence,
Unbeaten by the waves
Of the sea of humanity,
Whole and undamaged,
Free from Hypocrisy
A Christian, who was Christ like,
The scent,
The touch,
Of my Beloved lingered
On her
Over her
In her
Love made manifest.

“Love's need is greatest when people act as we despise them.” –Manea

“Prejudice is prejudice, whether it is racism or religiosity.” – Manea

“Ain't no better way to get me, or anyone else, worked up than to call me, “you people.” –Manea

Oh vanity,
Or is it Sampson's strength?
Kept long is power or rebellion
Cut short is courage or conformity.

Flash of oriental royal blue catches my eye
And I squee with delight
For the corset, and whom
It holds as she passes by
Bare back, and rings
Pierce her skin and laces
Stretch her back
To hold front.
I cannot tell if I am fascinated
Or horrified.

“I can't argue or even engage you because it requires I join in your insanity.” – Manea

There are so many White Elephants in the room,
There is nothing but a sea of white asses.

I can see the pain
In his face
His eyes reveal
Deeper levels
And my heart goes out to him,
My unrequited love.

“Lord, you seem intent on having this conversation.” – Manea

Boa constrictors
Slither around my lower
Not the comforting squeeze
Of a lover,
But with dull ache
And groan,
It constricts me
My wits
My mind
My ability to move
Or breathe…
What is this creature that has moved into my body,
And will I ever get the temple
Of my soul back from
The devil in disguise?

“Other's panic before a test. I'm weird. I have an unnatural calm like I've taken an internal valium.” – Manea

What curse is this?
Forget-me-nots have been
Costly forgotten.
FOCUS! Dang it!
Don't blame the planets or stars
My trust-o-meter isn't broken,
But I better change the pattern
Before the cost is more
Than I can bear.

 “I'm scratch and sniff today…
Lavender to be exact.” – Manea

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