Maria Guzvic

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Isn't it funny how hard we try
To impress a new person in our life
Even more so than usual when
They are a prospective husband or wife

While the rosy glow settles on a new partnership
We are sweet and loving and kind
Always dressed smartly, no bad manners
And then it all becomes a bind

Holding doors open becomes a thing of the past
He lets it fall right into your face
You used to laugh at his incompetent jokes
The smile is no longer a trace

Walks hand in hand down a country lane
Have faded away and gone for good
Hoping to have the car door opened
You just end up wishing he would

More often than not you don't bother with make-up
Tracksuit bottoms are easier to wear than a dress
Hair scrunched ungainly under a baseball cap
Without it, daren't think of the mess

A romantic meal when he comes over
Is a quick pizza sliced on your knee
After all it's difficult to eat with a face-pack on
Come on girls, I think you'll agree

Warming nights sat in front of the tv
He now spends with beer bottle in hand
Watching Man U do their utmost
Football : God, we cannot stand

He doesn't mention you've got a new hair-do
His personal hygiene isn't top of the list
Those nice little quirks that we loved so much
And he's forever coming home pi****

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