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Hidden Truth (Song Of  David's Soul)

O Clouds! why do you hide the tears of the angels in the skies?
O Lord I'm down here pleading...please hear my cries...
                       fill my starving eyes
I can hear the voices of the tearful angels calling
We tried to move forward but the people won't stop falling
Where are ye O Stars of the night?
Why has the guardian of humanity taken flight?
  O Lord point us in the direction of thy name
Someone has a lantern here...Ooh but it's just not the same
The strings of my heart are so tender and strung
The hands of the dark night is trying hard to
             make me surrender with a painful song
     and marks in my heart O so strong
Ever I strive to feel the rays of the sun
 O but can I survive til the morning comes
The coat of darkness is getting tight
   O Lord just a little light...
Just a little light from the glory of thy ray
And perhaps turn this dark night into a gloomy day

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James

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Hidden Truth (Song Of David`s Soul)