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 Hidden Kitten

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I got a kitten who was so little and sweet
he was a golden striped tiger with little white feet.

He played and played as hard as he could
until he just fell asleep right where he stood.

One night while on the phone with a friend far away
I lost track of the kitten, my attention was swayed.

I started my search all through the house,
wondering where my little furry critter was hiding.

I checked all over in each and every room,
behind chairs, in closets, but no kitten to be found.

Needing to go sit down and have a cup of tea,
and try to figure out where my kitten would be.

All of a sudden I noticed in the frosted glass fruit bowl
a strange yellow glow -- standing up to get a better view.

Yes, there my kitten sound asleep in that fruit bowl.

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