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A  Woman Scorn

She offers heaven but makes you pay in hell
with chains of passion in the torching cell
    She's bitter and sweet,
Life's such a paradise when she feels complete
As long as your eyes praise the springs where she dwells
But if she catches you eying another's draw,
You'll feel the full effects of her paw
A shell of a soul with a mind undone
with ferocious eyes that darken the sun
Even when you play the lamb she becomes bold
with flames in her eyes to roast your soul
That same passion that stirred her bliss...
is the same fire that quenched her kiss
Because a new spring has caught your eye
        Her paradise is destroyed...
                 Now you must die!
The different between a woman hurt
             and a woman scorn
One is created and the other's born

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James

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A Woman Scorn