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Don't sit there wishing your life away
Take both hands and grab it by the neck
Do whatever you've been meaning to do
Or soon you will discover you're a wreck

What happens to time in the great scheme of things
Where does it go, who steals it away
I vividly recall my innocent days at school
And the idle summers of play

Before I knew it, two darn children appeared
Now how on earth did that happen to me
One moment I was out dating the lads
The next I've got dirty nappies up to my knee       (diapers for the uninitiated!…yukk)

What's around that hidden corner we don't know
A ticket with our name and we have been called
Be bold and let your hair down and laugh
The tide of time can sometimes be stalled

If you want to wolf-whistle at a fella, then do it
If you want to ride a playground ride, then go on
Don't be afraid and leave it for too many tomorrows
Because one day those beautiful tomorrows will be gone

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