Beautiful Disaster


Jill, my darling
The love of my life
You're the one to offer          
Refuge from the strife
You see the wonders
From up above
The beauty in blue skies
The magic in love
And you cared enough
To share these things
You scooped up my broken heart
And gave it wings
You taught it how to love
And how to live
How to worship
And how to give
You tell me that I'm wonderful
Although I fail to see
You smiles, they encourage me
To be all I can be
You pick me up
When I'm down
You can always turn
My frowns upside down
You're like Mary Poppins
Practically Perfect in every way
My sunshine
On any kind of day
I know you've got your struggles too
And that's why I'm here for you
And I only hope
Hope that's what I'll do.

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