Words unspoken, Words unread!

River Bank Cottage...............

There are days within my life thus far,
I would gladly leave behind.
Though the day we saw this lovely place,
Will never leave my mind.

River Bank Cottage, is up for sale,
Was the sign we saw that day.
Ans what I saw before my eyes,
Truly took my breath away.

Ivy covered window-sills,
Tulips by a stream.
Water that sparkled like cold champagne,
Befitting any dream.

Crocus in abundance,
And the daff's bight endless glow.
An old dishevelled watermill,
Where the silent waters flow.

Hearing cuckoos in the distance,
Scents of spring-time on the breeze.
The untamed shadows from the sun,
Danced among the willow trees.

Heaven on earth we saw that day,
Happiness so true.
I knew this place before our eyes,
Was meant for me and you..........  

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