Tattoos in Mayberry

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All my heroes are dead, dyin, rotting in a cage,
or under glass in museum halls.
That's why
I'm settin' brush fires on the Sun.
Dumpin' salty water into the Sea.
Tossin' boulders onto mountain tops
cuz without you
there's nothin' for me.

Folks say I'm a damn fool for still believin
having up and left me last fall.
If it weren't for my guns, this sleepin' bag bed
and last call
I'd have nothin'
 no nothin at all.

I once thought your love
it was nothin'
But,now I burn for more of your nothin' at all

It's why I'm spitting' lava into volcanoes.
Makin ice cubes at the North Pole.
I've told you once, twice, a thousand times more
Since you're gone, I almost have nothin,
Since you up 'n' left me and all
If it weren't for these guns, my sleepin' bag bed,
and one last curtain call,
I'd have nothin'
no nothin'
flat nothin' at all.

Buddy Bee Anthony

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