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Life is such a funny thing,
You never know which way to turn,
One way is like a the fresh breath of spring,
The other everything crashes and burns.

Which way to go that is our choice,
Even if we don't want to decide,
Trying to listen to that still small voice,
But knowing that fate would be our guide.

We all have pain in that path thru life,
There is just no way to avoid it,
It seems we are all doomed to toil and strife,
But life is too precious for us to destroy it.

One thing I know on my journey thru time,
Is that life can also be marvelous,
It's those times that make wasting life a crime,
And makes me want to catch the express bus.

To be able to see what life has in store,
Around the next corner we reach,
Is what makes me not be afraid anymore,
But I don't mean to preach.

This is my choice, you have yours,
Will just sit and wait?
Or will you get up and open those doors,
And not be left behind at the gate.

Copyright 2008 William M. Ward

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