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Though the past is gone and now is set
Anew a day that will become better yet
For as we see the falling of our past
Time's that are changing ever so fast
With a new hope for a better standing
For many have this type understanding
Care's about life with a better stance
And knows this is not the only chance
To grab the moment and make that leap
So that day will come for all to keep
That written in print for all to read
What is inspiring inside with my lead
The artist writer composer of visual
To me this is my inspired art as usual
When time comes and I finally have you
There to see what I've come up to view
I'll then have the dreams I have had
Without thoughts of it ever being bad
Just seen a life I could live someday
Another course that will find it's way
Any day will it finally forward now
And I will have this I know somehow
To no avail been tested and now earn
The interest to go into a newer turn
Mark my words from here on into rhyme
Will always find something every time
That varies from all I've ever done
New always and varied just for fun
With this nothing has really changed
Maybe better is the word rearranged

 March 8 2008  Tina Hisola

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