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 I'm (Still) Mad as Hell!

Hi Guys,

The following are just my views and opinions and are not written in stone.

Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s just my aging mind, but it has become
blatantly clear to me that our  great nation is on a fast track to become just
another lumbering  third world giant. If we are not careful, we are going
 to become a nation of basket-weavers and crafters. (No letters from crafters please!)
My point being, our industrial complex has been steadily declining due to our
government’s willingness to allow our factories to move out of this great country,
in order to obtain a lower salary base, thus larger profits for the companies.  
The results being fewer jobs for the blue collar workers of the third most populated
country in the world. (China-1,300 million, India…1,086.6 million and the USA-293.6 million.)
In the long term this process will result in total disaster for the country that we all
love and cherish! As a an American and a proud military veteran, I find this
situation almost unbelievable, and definitely unacceptable.
   Over the years our government has allowed the oil companies to spend their huge profits
on versified investments instead of  re-investing in their own companies by repairing
their old and dilapidated refineries and building new ones. The results being; now we are
in bondage to the sheiks of the Middle East and threatened with $4.00 to $5.00 for a single
gallon of gas. (A barrel of oil rose again today!)
    Illegal aliens!… (they are not immigrants.. they are aliens!) I will not insult the reader of this
white paper by going into the cost in jobs, educational institutions, hospitals, the lack of
tax revenue and millions of dollars sent back to their mother countries! (You know the cost!)
    Iraq and Afghanistan!…four thousand young  (and counting) Americans (Several Security Forces members- close to our hearts!) lives lost, thousands more wounded. Billions of Tax payers dollars
spent! Regardless of your politics…I can’t believe anyone out there feels good about this situation.
   VA concerns!… most of people reading this paper have some concerns about this subject.
The VA hospitals and their services have steadily declined. The staff at most VA hospital are
over loaded with work! (You can only do so much with…less!) then the process begins to
 hurt everyone involved.
   Chuck holes in your streets?…The infrastructure of our highways, bridges and etc are in a
 disgraceful condition. (More billions for Iraq?)
    The economy… depends on which shoe you wear! If you are totally financially secure, then
the economy may seem fine, but if you are a young person who has to work two or three jobs
to keep their family in food and shelter (With NO hospitalization insurance!)…they may have no
shoes! If you are a senior citizen on a fixed income…then you know what I’m  talking about!

 I am certainly not an economist, but when gold goes to the heights of $1000.00 an ounce,
and oil is about to top $100.00 a barrel. Well, I think that speaks volumes about the economy.
    Crime!…This is a subject that as an old cop, we all have some knowledge of!
The prisons, jails, work camps, etc are bursting at the seams with criminals of all flavors.
Crime seems to be soaring in the larger cities of our country and and is daily spilling over
 into smaller communities through out the country.

I know that I’ve not told you something in this paper that you are not acutely aware of,
But I felt obligated to express my feelings. I am quickly become an old man (75 in April)
and I may not have a chance later to do so! As a proud American, I am sincerely concerned
with the state of our county, as I’m sure each of you are. I have this uneasy gut feeling
that if some real changes are not made in the very near future, my only grandson will have
A very bleak future as well as yours!
    I do not confess to have the wisdom of  Solmon, nor do I  have the sulotion to these problems,
 but I think anyone who gives these concerns a minutes thought, can see the handwriting on the wall!…
(That is; that our county is in big trouble!)

Thank You for taking the time and making the effort to read this message.
Please let me know how you feel about this subject!
Note: There is no intent meant in this paper to blame anyone or any group
of people for the woes of the present condition of the State of the Union!


“I am forever honored…for I have marched with heroes!”

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