Beautiful Disaster

Battle On

I know the war's not over
And the battle is far from won
But we've got to cease fire
And put down our shiny toy guns

The line of division has been drawn out
And by that line, we abide
Alert and erect at all times
We glare at each other from our sides

From a distant
We a soldiers on a bloody battlefield
But up closer, you will find
Children, shaking behind plastic shields

Out of fear for ourselves
We attack the threatening being
With eyes shut tight
We attack without even seeing

With eyes shut tight
We don't see the wounded souls
Or broken hearts
Or empty holes

Our battle strategy
Is reckless by design
Only strengthening the division
Represented by the line

War creates blinders
As war often will do
Families fighting against families
Me fighting against you

I fight to protect myself
From hurt I've experienced before
He fights to stop people from
Getting to close to his core

She fights to savor
What they don't know
They fight for entertainment
Because they don't know

You fight to protect
What she won't suspect
We fight to spread
Good News........

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