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 Those Who Were There

The white and purple orchids bloom at
night in the bright jungle moonlight but
beneath  the fields of  tall elephant grass,
still lurks the deadly bouncing betty and
the cannons have been silent for the
past thirty-some years, but those echoes
still ring in many old soldier’s ears.

In the middle of the night, sounds of rockets,
bombs, and claymore mines return to the maimed,
blind and psychologically damaged minds.

The names and faces of young combat buddies stay anew to
this aging soldier from a warlong past but forever so true.
My war, our war, the war…will always be with you and me
even though there were those who protested and disagreed.
You and I answered the call and we shall never be ashamed,
for one and all stood proud and tall!

Those who were there know…
Those who were not…shall never know!

Jackie R. Kays

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