The Unfairness Of Angels 
  matthew Bartram

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 My Little Wooden Ship

I built a wooden ship to explore
With my hammer and chisel, clue and saw
I built a little ship
And with the finest pine
I built a little wooden ship that was mine
With Such detailed craftsmanship
I built a little wooden ship
I painted it red
And for time it stayed in my shed
And everyday i made it more beautiful
One day i took it too my bedroom windowsill
Everyday i looked at it and it looked at me
And in a dream it asked to be set free
It said it belonged on the open sea
The amount of time and effort i had put in
But what would be the greater sin?
To keep something that wasn't happy
Or to allow my ship to take a journey
Then one summers day
I took my ship on a holiday
And one morning i took it down too the sea
And upon the golden sand and palm tree
I waded into the sea, up to my chest
And here i faced my toughest test
My beautiful little wooden ship
With such detail and craftsmanship
Sailed away and over the waves
And i cried afterwards for days and days
Never again would i see me ship
It broke my heart saying goodbye to that friendship
But although amongst the tears and misery
I knew my ship was happy out to sea.

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