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 Lesson Learned

I share my story, regretfully true
So others will be informed too
Taking an antibiotic medication
I thought I was having a reaction

I described my pain to the nurse
But unless I started to feel worse
I was to continue the same pills
Yet the weekend was coming still

I later thought my arm looked red
But it was probably all in my head
Even starting meds of a different kind
Pain continued and relief I did not find

A dear friend called to check up on me
I was looking at it all wrong, you see
She said stiff neck and upper back pain
Results from incorrect twisting or strain

Then I remembered the night before
Recollecting why my back was sore
I woke up, only to realize I was cold
What I did was crazy, as I now behold

On the floor, a quilt was next to my bed
Reaching down, I lifted it up by my head
Getting up first, would have worked out
But I made a big mistake without a doubt

God will faithfully carry me through
His ways and thoughts go deeper too
When I do not understand my pain
Trusting in Him, victory I will gain

Isaiah 55:8 (NIV)
"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither
are your ways my ways," declares the LORD.

Carol Salter on 4/27/08

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