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No letter arriving from you my love today
Oh how I have waited and prayed each day,
War has sent you my lover so very far away
How I wish a letter from you comes my way..

In Winter I see me sitting with you by a fire
Dreaming of your loving arms so strong,
Hearing howls of stormy weather outside
Feeling safe in your arms where I belong..

In Spring time our love seemed to  grow
Even though miles of oceans kept us apart,
I counted the days until your safe return
By keeping prayers for you in my heart..

In Summer when the sun shines brightly
My longing for your touch is not to be,
Remembering our swim in the cool ocean
Oh if only it could bring you back to me..

In Autumn our sweet love has finally fallen
Along with red crimson colored leaves,
Your soul has been offered for love of country
May there forever be peace across all seas..

Dedicated to and may God Bless all those
who have lost loved ones
sacrificing their lives for love of country


Copyright©*2007*Mary Jane Balthazar

~*Wings Of Angels - June Carter Cash*~

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