Tattoos in Mayberry

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I'm that guy standing behind the bar
You drop coins and bills into my jar
The guy you spill your guts to
Step up to my finishing line
I'll make your stalest story
seem brand new
Whether you sip or gulp
The pleasure's mine
didn't that last belt go down fine.
I'm happy when pouring frothy cold brews,
for one or the both of you.

Maybe a shot of whiskey is what you crave
When life's blade of cold steel
gives you a too close shave
Step up over here and sit on down
whether you're from out yonder
or the center of town.
I'll be there to fill your mug with liquid good cheer
May I pour you another
I won't tell your boss
your spouse
or your Parole officer
I'm your new best friend
at this porta drinking stand
When this, cold, cruel world
won't lend you a hand
Step over to my wet bar
You see,
your loose change
gasses up my car
It's another good reason why
we're both regulars here
Cuz, you love the taste
and I love the sound
of "another round"
of ice cold beer

Buddy Bee Anthony

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Beer Man