Beautiful Disaster

Oblivious Oblivion

It's not because
Your already taken
No, that's not what
Has my soul so shaken
My heart hurts
And it cries out
Because you have no idea
What this is all about
You think
I like you
And I'm not denying that
It's true
But my silly crush
Isn't what hurts my heart
It's a deep longing
That we stay apart
Because I feel so insufficient
When I'm around you
It's not about
What you do
It's who you are
Compared to me
That makes me feel
So ugly
You are pretty boy
A cute guy
A smart kid
Pretty “fly”
I'm a simple girl
Not much going for me
Smart and funny
But I'm definitely not enough
To be a trinket on your arm
I don't possess the beauty
Nor the charm
I'm not a trophy girl
Pretty and petite
I'm a big girl
With lots of “meat”
I'm not the kind of girl
To be seen but not heard
I plan to speak my mind
For I love words
I'm not into style
Or fashion or looks
I'd much rather study
Or write or read books
But yet it is you
I'm captivated by
The pretty boy
The cute guy
But its not the way
You looked
That got me
So hooked
It's your soft heart
And compassionate soul
It's your personality
Never a moment dull
But you have no idea
About what I'm feeling
And you won't understand
My method of healing
So please
Listen when I say
I need you to
Stay away

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