Beautiful Disaster

Game of Love

We sit, we stand
We roll the dice
This game we play
Is my fatal vice
The rules set in stone
They keep on changing
And my position on the board
Keeps rearranging
Up two places
Only to move back four
Take one step forward
Then back some more
Turn me upside down
Flip me inside out
Tell me what this game
We play is all about
Why do I play so hard
For a love that could never be
Why do I fight so hard
So that he'll see me
What is it
That draws me in
Why to feel the need
To win
It's just a silly game
Of love and unrequited lust
But I refuse to be left
Like a shadow in the dust
But the harder
I play
The more
The game takes away
And the more
I give
The more pain
I with which I live
So I'll sit, I'll stand
And roll the dice
For the game of love,
My fatal vice

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