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Green Walls

I almost forgot about the stars
That distribute the value among space.
I've been squeezing my eyes shut for almost a year now,
Only to take a peak through the fingers on my face every now and then.
I'll have to admit; every so often I do walk apprehensively
Past the grave…
But bygones are bygones.
I've been searching for the garden of the present and future
       for only God knows how long.
But you – my new ecstasy – are a solid love, truly unconditional.
You know why I love you?...
The great interest in my life you have,
And the great interest I have in yours.
(Or maybe it is also the squeeze of your firm hands around my waist -
that makes me really fall for you.)
Nevertheless, throughout all the personal hardship and destruction in my own entity,
You still call me fabulous (not to mention, beautiful).

-Dayna Elizabeth 8/17/08

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Green Walls