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 ~*`Welcome To 'My Never Ending Circle Of Love`*~... ..`By `Janie/mjfb1954`


`A DAY FOR REMEMBRANCES OF PAST DISASTERS` `AND GOD WAS THERE AS HE ALWAYS IS` ~*~♥~*~ ~*~ TALES OF SURVIVAL~08/01/07 ~*~ ~*~♥~*~ On Wednesday~08/01/07~the Interstate 35W Bridge in Minneapolis collapsed ~ leaving scores of people trapped, hurting and a few dead. ~`Jesus`~:~♥~:~"I Was There With You~:~♥~:~ when you called out My Name!" ~*~♥~*~ Survivors of the Interstate 35W, Bridge collapse in Minneapolis, are amazed to have survived the ordeal of their fall from the collapsed bridge. Amid the death of the disaster were amazing\ of scores of people who survived the fall. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobuc
ket ~`Jesus`~:~♥~:~"I Was There With You~:~♥~:~ when you called out My Name!" ~*~♥~*~ Four minutes after the collapse of the Interstate 35W Bridge, Police Sgt. Nelson,  along with other first responders , rushed into the `dust filled scene` of twisted metal, crushed cars, and chunks of concrete turned up like gravestones. Jumping over `debris` and crawling across a foot-wide twisted beam , he and two other officers, pulled dazed survivors~hanging onto a piece of interstate concrete, dumped into the Mississippi River~out of and into the safety of rescue boats. ~`Jesus`~:~♥~:~"I Was There With You~:~♥~:~ when you called out My Name!" ~*~♥~*~ ~*~♥~*~ First responders, had to do more than rescue the living and recover the dead, at times. the only thing they could do for the trapped under wreckage was to `Listen`~ ~people pinned or partly crushed told emergency workers, to say, "Hello" or "Goodbye" to their loved ones. A feeling of helplessness overcame emergency workers at the site of the crash, when the `rescue operation`  switched over to one of `recovering the dead`. ~`Jesus`~:~♥~:~"I Was There With You~"~♥~:~ when you called out My Name!" ~*~♥~*~ Submerged cars in the Mississippi guaranteed the rising death toll, Danger of unpredictable currents kept diving crews from reaching them. Amid all the horrors, however, amazing\  emerged from scores of people who survived the ordeal. Survivors from submerged and crushed vehicles were thankful to have survived and were able to relay their distorted but safe rescue experiences. ~`Jesus`~:~♥~:~"I Was There With You~:~♥~:~ when you called out My Name!" ~*~♥~*~ A Rescue Paramedic stated that "Screaming Sounds`~were  good and a blessing , as  that meant the trapped were alive and full of energy , {whereas a quiet would mean a busload of children unable to help themselves,}   such as those that came from a busload of children submerged with its bus's back-end poking towards the sky. ~Jesus was there~ ~`Jesus`~:~♥~:~"I Was There With You~:~♥~:~ when you called out My Name. ~*~♥~*~ ~*~♥~*~ Amazing Stories, many of them blurred with catastrophes of one kind or another, remember the power of energy, ~they unbelievably encountered~ to survive the claws of death, giving thanks to God  for `this strong survival instinct,  placed upon mankind by Our Creator. In the very quiet,~ before the rescuers arrived and the sirens started~ shouts of~"I'm fine, I am fine, I'm getting out of here, of hurt and bewildered calls sounded `eerie` breaking the deadly silence.` ~*~♥~*~` A M E N `~*~♥~*~ *************** Recent Pictures from a Russian Site can be viewed at this URL: http://drugoi.livejournal.com/2280005.html ************* Repost{©*2008*} Copyright@2007 ~Mary Jane Balthazar~ Some excerpts taken from Survival Story: By Ryan Foley Associated Press

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