Tattoos in Mayberry

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Slam,blam ,sleazy Sam.
Grand sham, slam about a gram.
Slam glam,prison ham
livin to be dyin in this 
 buck shot,
tick tock, gut shot,
nip tuck
What a pity,
Not lookin' all too pretty
down to the nitty.
Ain't a livin to be dyin in this 
here's my card.
Ain't nothin but a glass shard

Now, you're two steps behind.
you've been flyin blind,
with no peace of mind,
up in a bind
Makin a livin to be dyin in 

Slam, bam,sketchy scam.
sleazy Sam, Grand slam, 
shank you ma'am.
uber damned
Ain't a livin to be dyin in this giant
Great Scott,
 burnt up, gut rot  
what' sup.
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By Buddy Bee Anthony

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