Words unspoken, Words unread!

Still I'm not sure???????

What will you be when you are older?
I ended up as a British soldier.
I served my country and my Queen,
The best damned soldiers you've ever seen.

Wearing khaki day and night,
Carrying arms and willing to fight.
Then called by your country to go and defend,
Our men and our women they're willing to send.

When going to battle, who knows what we'll see!
I hope the next bullet is not aimed at me.
There are bodies of their lads and bodies of ours,
The blood laden trenches we lay in for hours.

We're tired and hungry, cheesed off and wet through,
The start of a new dawn, who's next! Is it you/
The bombs I hear landing some distance away,
Getting louder and louder as we march on that way.

Their aircraft attack our guys on the ground,
I will never forget that horrible sound.
And then the war ended, the fight was no more,
Was it all worth it? And still I'm not sure!

Friends I am missing, my life these guys filled,
Only memories left because they were killed.
This country we live in still owes them a debt,
These brave British soldiers we must not forget.

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