Words unspoken, Words unread!


Why do people hunger?
Why do people weep?
Why do people have to die,
When the rest are fast asleep?

These questions I put to you now,
Are the first from out' my head.
And as I think of more to ask,
How many more are dead?

This life that we've created,
A child so life can live.
Who on earth decided that,
This life was ours to give?

Why do people argue?
Why do people fight?
Who said seven days make a week,
And days turned into night?

Why was I in prison?
Why couldn't I go free?
Why did you tell those lies in court?
Why did you pick me?

There's many questions left to ask,
Though answers not all found.
Like, who shot John F Kennedy?
Who fired that final round?

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