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Not Today

Not Today
Each day presents its choices
With more chances to make mistakes
Each reason represented by voices
For any decision I will make
The past is no indication
Of my capability to cope
The purpose of my rehabilitation
Is to find a better solution than dope
Viewing family and friends as enemies
And enemies as family and friends
My options become good and plenty
Each bringing me closer to my end
A point was reached
Where a change had to be made
In favor of all who preached
A ray of hope for all who prayed
Now my approach is different
Although my options are the same
My agenda no longer hidden
As the same choices remain
I am still me
Which is the scariest part
My mind not changed completely
But a new feeling lives in my heart
Day by day I will evaluate
Step by step I will grow
Trail by trail I will face
Victory by victory I will know
I'm certain the day will come
When I will slip and lose my way
Return to where rescued from
But that day won't be today

J. Moore

Not Today



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