Beautiful Disaster

If They Knew

If they knew
Would they stop?
Probably not!

But for just one moment
I wish they could see
All the pain their words
Inflict on me

And I know it's not just me
They are tearing apart
Everywhere I look
I can see broken hearts

If they could feel
The pain we've felt
Do you think
Their hearts would melt?

Do you think
Their eyes
Would open

Would they repent
For the ignorance that held them blind
Would their hearts be warmed?
Would their words be kind?

If they could feel
The hurt we feel
Would they plead
apologetic appeals

I sit and wonder
But I know for a fact
That they have indeed
Been where we're at

What I don't understand
And its possible I never will
Is how they can know that pain
And be hurtful still

Are they just too bitter and cold
To care of what they say?
Or do they not realize
Their words impact in such a way?

Regardless of what the answers
To these questions might be
Its highly unlikely
They'll ever see

We may win one or two
But society as a whole
Will never comprehend
Its wounding role

And so they say
Thicken your skin
Don't let those
Hurtful words in

We all know
That's what must be done
But completing the task
Is accomplished by none.  

And so we just sit and wonder
With our head to our knees
How to get through the day
Without taunts and teases

Praying and hoping
That one day they'll see
How their words are hurting you
And hurting me

If they knew
Would they stop?
Probably not!

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