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You Can't Listen to Everybody

Can I borrow some water from this skies?
the many problems have drained my eyes,
      my heart has no more cries
even though opportunities create blessings so deep,
   my prayers have gotten so weak
How can I take my beginning back from fate?
  Reality keeps saying it's too late
even though I believe in possibilities and dreams...
   they seems so far down stream
People keep telling me to drink the water
      in the front of my face,
count the hours and never look beyond the days
because dreams cause pain and hope is not for the sane,
   you have enough troubles from the rain
  Listening to people can be so depressing
 they come to you dressed like a blessing
      but they are a curse
They pound your faith until it bursts
and their words clings to your heart like rust
 and shatters everything you believe in
    and all that's left is sin
Don't listen to people when problems cause pain
  They're the ones bringing the rain

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James

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You Can`t Listen to Everybody