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 Faculty Of The Mind: By Michael Ssemakula

Constant Velocity

There are choices to make as goal posts keep changing positions
Forward should be the momentum to pick-up and run to the finish line
The theme here are the issues upfront also known as the stakes at hand
All queries and solutions have been laid on the table; neglecting nothing

The collection of  all potential tribulations plus proceeds have been told
And the summation is earmarked to make things happen at every cost
The rest are advised to prepare for a series of  roller-coaster bumpy rides
Ladies and gentlemen the options keep popping up in all directions as...
In bad or good, negative or positive, captivity or freedom, hell or Heaven

The square world without end, Amen, truth be told...who recited so...
The statement has been brought to us by a chain of organized religions
But it is said that the world will be rolled up like a universal mat
That has squarely outlived its usefulness and totally done to the borne

But as for now, people of God; it's a continuous haste until we reach the
Shores of thanksgiving at the Almighty's; as we wait for his son's hugs
We shall pull in each others hands while the devil relentlessly looks on
And wondering aloud in dismay where he failed himself to finish us off

This time it will be his turn for the long overdue payback time in hard cash
What a world full of surprises as we shall physically see the devil in real flesh
Having washed up at the shoreline; chasing us up-to the gate-shores of Heaven
We surrendered all to God; withholding nothing into God's Constant Velocity

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