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Dreams (goals)

The poem was written for the masses because everyone has goals in life.
His dreams was personified so he can directly blame his failure on the dreams
for not being fulfilled.  

    I see you O Dreams
flowing toward the eternal sea,
but please listen to my screams
     before you leave me
They are passionate, purposeful, and sincere-
    Oh, if my dreams only had an ear
to hear my plea, then maybe they
   would pity me
Why has cruel ambition told me lies?
Why won't stubborn fade wipe my eyes?
Why do my dreams keep coming out my cries
toward the skies in a vaporizing mist?
And without so much as a goodbye kiss
O Time, why are you constantly pouring sand in my eyes?
  My dreams won't hear my cries...
the cries of a heart that longs to be
in the skies over the land and sea,
  O Dreams, please hear me

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James


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Dreams (goals)