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 Our Jungle War

So young we came,
all with a different name,
Air Police was to be our fame.
Training day and night.
Learning how to live and fight.
That jungle war was soon in sight.
On a big silver plane we sailed into
the hot jungle rain.
From now on the sound of war would
be our only refrain.

Our duty was to secure and protect;
Personnel, Aircraft, equipment and
the Red, White and Blue.
Proudly we stood our post
as only an Air Policemen could do.
Sand bag bunkers, gates, towers,
 vehicle patrols, Courageous dog
 Handlers and their K-9 too.

Night after night they came
in black pajamas, with mortars,
rockets, satchel grenades and
AK-47's ablaze in the monsoon rain.
Flares afloat, tracers in the dark,
shadows in the elephant grass,
bouncing Betty and Claymores
await their deadly task!

Mother's fears, blood and tears
Death came to some, for others
nightmares would beat the drums.
Brothers in that jungle war,
but to each his own once we
arrive home alone.

In war, courage and fear knew each other well!
Death and destruction were as loud as a bell!
Once again, as has often been said;
 “War Is Truly Hell!”
As some of us have lived to tell!

Jackie R.Kays © 11/11/08

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