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First Love

She was young, tender, and pure
  I looked toward the stars
     and saw her tear,
 I knew she was sincere and wise
so I quickly let my doubts go free
   as I looked deep into the eyes
       of destiny
     and said,
   I'll be your young buck
 if you'll be my tender doe
     Wherever you run to
             I'll go  
Up the mountains and across the seas,
    fight through a thousand bees
 as long as my sweet honey is please
  Let's go beyond the trees
   and play atop the hills,
put our prints all over the fields,
plant our own flowers among the leaves
    Take our hands O Wind,
 and make us like the clouds in the skies,
    move us over the dry lands
      and let out our cries
    O Time be not fulfilled!
Let nothing move...I'm selfish still
Though the darkness has overcame the daylight
     I can't see the night
   for the burning in her eyes
such beautiful fires...such beautiful fires
   because her soul is so pure
the fire in her eyes I shall not fear,
  for I am healed down deep
  Let forever be put to bed
     if forever can sleep
I'm willing to take a chance in this destiny
as long as these two eyes are looking back at me

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James

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First Love