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Glory and Shame

While I'm squeezing the sore of my infirmity,
    which screams so loud to the crowds,
                  confirming me,
  how can I wash this dust off my face
  if I keep with the path of this race
  though I'm helping others in need?
How long should I let this sore bleed
   my imperfections to the world...?
Which can't be healed with a band-aid
    or concealed with a pearl
while souls keep begging me please please please
  The more they ask the harder I squeeze
       out my pain
 which is to their glory
      and my shame...
 Am I still called by thy name?
I shall believe in no man's tongue
  but let the angel's cries
 drop down into a baby's eyes
  and let a child speak to me

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James

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Glory and Shame